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Hi guys, sorry to take so long in updating my show listing for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012, we spent most of our time working on the Hungry for laughs benefit gig, but now I can start talking about the amazing shows I have seen so far this festival.

These are the shows I have seen so far (in no order):


Tegan Higginbotham in Million Dollar Tegan (twice)

Dungenon Crawl (twice)

Bob Franklin & Steven Gates- Stubborn Monkey Disorder

Gavin Baskerville- Hanging in there

Watson – Shakespeare Fight Club (twice)

Laura Davis- Notes from birds

Celia Pacquola- Delayed (twice)

Kate McLennan- Homeward bound

The Squinge- Degrassi High

Matt Parker & Timandra Harkness- Your days are numbered: the Maths of Death

Justin Hamilton- The Goodbye Guy

The Shelf (twice)

Alison Bice & Jason Marion- Former Child Star

Felicity Ward- The Hedgehog Dilemma

Dead cat bounce- Howl of the She-leopard

Mike Wilmot

Glen Wool- No lands man

Anyone for Tennis- Comedy. Music. Etc

Spandex Ballet

Hungry for laughs (our benefit gig for PWSA)

Sarah D- I can drink puddles

Michael Chamberlin- Joy & Despair

Claudia O’Doherty- The Telescope


Now it’s going to take about a month to write about all these shows so I will touch on my highlights briefly. This year I haven’t seen a show I would be happy seeing again, so my Top 5 for the festival will probably have 10 shows in it.


Top 5 (not including Hungry for laughs, as our show not fair to include it, but it was AWESOME)

In no order


Celia Pacquola, (Delayed) strongest stand-up I’ve seen Celia do and some of the funniest I’ve seen in years. That’s 3 awesome shows in as many years; no wonder every show sold out. Extra show have just been announced, look out for them.


Tegan Higginbotham, (Million Dollar Tegan) One of Melbourne’s funniest comedians, been doing awesome shows with The Hounds, then Watson for years now, this is her 1st solo show, and it rocks. Sold out for the rest of this festival, maybe we can convince her to do extra shows.


Watson, (Shakespeare Fight Club) Must see show of the festival, every time I see them my sides are sore from laughing (not joking). I want them to have their own TV program so I don’t have to wait until next year’s festival to see them again. (Ed’s note: This was nominated for a Golden Gibbo Award)


Justin Hamilton, (The Goodbye Guy) Justin always does heartfelt, emotional shows with great stories and this is no different. Last chance to see him in the comedy festivals for a few years as he is taking a break for other adventures.


Michael Chamberlin, (Joy & Despair) Michael has written comedy for a number of years and I have always like his shows, but this one shows he is also a great performer not just a great writer.


Top 2 weirdest (awesomely great)


Claudia O’Doherty, (The Telescope) taking comedy out of the box and putting it, well only God knows where. I enjoyed Claudia’s last few shows in the MICF but this one had even me confused. Just let yourself go with the unusualness and you will find yourself laughing, which is what a show is supposed to do.


Bob Franklin & Steven Gates, (Stubborn Monkey Disorder)  this show had my vote for weird/unusual until Claudia took it away. I really enjoyed this show, the twists and turns, both trying to make the other laugh or break character. Another show I will be seeing again.


Still have 9 shows on my short list and about 15 more on my try and see list, so it looks like a few more nights at the festival still to go.

If you want to know about any of the shows I have seen or have your own review of a show please email us, I’ll get my people (me) to talk to your people.


Steve Ella

Last night at The Order of Melbourne we held the first annual Hungry for Laughs comedy benefit for the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association . A big thank you to everyone who came down and laughed and to all the comedians who generously gave their time, in no particular order; Justin Hamilton, Geraldine Quinn, Laura Davis, Adam McKenzie, Wil Anderson, Brenna Courtney Glazebrook, Tripod, Celia Pacquola and James Hazelden. A few photos from the night will go up as soon as I can get them organised.

The night raised over $1500 for Prader-Willi.

Don’t forget that there is still 2 weeks of the Comedy Festival left, if you liked someone on last night, check out their festival show. Details can be found here.

We hope that you’ll keep an eye out for future events, thanks from all of us at Word of Mouth Reviews.

On Sunday 8th April we are presenting the 1st annual Prader-Willi Syndrome Comedy Festival benefit show Hungry for Laughs at The Order of Melbourne.  In what is promising to be a fantastic gig, we have pulled together some of Australia’s finest comedians including; Justin Hamilton, Celia Pacquola, Geraldine Quinn, James Hazelden, Laura Davis and in one of their only appearances this festival, Tripod. More comedians will be announced along the way.

Just added to the line-up: Adam McKenzie, Brenna Courtney Glazebrook and Wil Anderson!

All profits will be going to the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria, so come along and support this wonderful cause.

Hungry for Laughs
Sunday 8th April 8.30pm (2hrs)
The Order of Melbourne
401 Swanston Street, Melbourne
(Opposite RMIT University)

$25.00 Member of the PWSA
$35.00 Full
$30.00 Concession


PWSA flyer

And so the festival is here again, welcome to all the internationals – both from other states & other countries, and to those from Melbourne, good show, thanks for coming as well.

Word of Mouth Reviews is once against here to give you the low down on shows you should see.  This year we are also trying something new.  We’ve dabbled in podacasting & YouTube videos and this year we have a new project, we’re putting together a benefit show!  Featuring some of our (and your) favourite comedians the show Hungry for Laughs will be a one night only event with all profits going to the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria, but more on that later.

Keep an eye out here for reviews, news and interviews.  Over the next few days I’m going to be posting about the shows I’m excited about seeing this festival, and the different styles of comedy that are available to see.

See you around.
Bec. x

Celia Pacquola
Gertrudes Brown Couch
Last Night this Friday 30th September

Celia is trying to do one of the hardest things in comedy; that is a hat-trick of awesomely funny shows, many a comedian after 2 stellar shows have failed at this last hurdle. Celia has had one of my top 2/3 Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows in the last 2 years with some amazingly inspirational, well written and performed shows; Celia is currently working on what might become her 3rd awesome festival show. After performing two very personal, motivating, and downright
funny shows (Winning the Age critics award 2009 & Selling out 2010 season) Celia decided to do something a bit more pure stand-up, Celia said she wanted to put more laughs per minute into this work and it just goes to show the harder you work the better you become. This for me just goes to show just how much she is developing into a premier performer. Get in now so when Celia has her own TV show you can tell people that you saw her before she got famous (I’m pretty sure Celia
will still have a drink with you when she is famous, she just that type of person).
The thing I dislike the most with reviews are when the reviewer gives away the comedians jokes in the review so most of my reviews are based on how much work has been done with the material, the different
layers, the call backs, the comedians reaction to the crowd’s reaction of a joke, and the personality of the comedian. Celia has all of these
traits in spades. I only hope Celia continues with this style and type
of content as I’m very sure it will be a big winner for her…

…Go On… Sorry Celia.

Bec gives everyone some advice for audiences.  Not just during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival but as a general message to all audiences.  Please, please, please, if you know someone that does any of this, point them this way!  Steve also provides some useful advice about strategies to help make your festival run smoothly.

Mistress M, Steve, Bec & Sam give us some final reviews and thoughts about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011 here.


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